Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Insurance Cost-Per-Clicks: WOW

A big theme in this blog will be about how much money insurance companies make off the consumer. Since they make so much profit on these products, they spend a lot of money trying to get you as a customer. Below are the most expensive google keywords that advertisers buy. Look how many insurance terms are here?! This means an car insurance company will pay $66 just for you to click on one of your ads, even if you don't buy anything! Wow.

school loan consolidation - $69.16
college loan consolidation - $68.35
car insurance quotes - $66.88
school consolidation - $66.29
auto insurance quotes - $65.90
college consolidation - $64.04
student loan consolidation rates - $60.14
sell structured settlement - $59.82
sell annuity - $58.92
federal student loan consolidation - $58.58
auto quotes - $58.09
auto insurance quote - $57.99
student consolidation - $56.96
student loan consolidation - $56.91
student loan consolidation interest rate - $56.52
consolidate student loan - $54.61
san diego dui attorney - $54.56
car insurance - $53.16
structured settlement - $52.96
consolidate school loans - $52.88
student loan refinance - $52.44
consolidation of student loans - $52.43
consolidation loan rate - $52.04
citibank student loan consolidation - $51.85
car insurance quote - $51.80
consolidate student loans - $51.23
private student loan consolidation - $51.05
lasik new york - $49.86
student loans consolidation - $49.82
private loan consolidation - $48.95
insurance quotes - $48.78
teleconference services - $48.72
the art institute of seattle - $48.68
federal loan consolidation - $48.61
plus loan consolidation - $47.74
student loan consolidation programs - $47.58
bad credit equity loan - $47.46
houston criminal attorney - $47.44
student loan consolidation calculator - $47.19
cash settlement - $47.12
consolidating student loans - $47.09
orlando culinary institute - $46.84
student loan consolidation program - $46.77
orlando culinary institute - $46.69
consolidation loan - $46.54
loan consolidation - $46.54
ditech - $46.32
auto quote - $45.77
sallie mae student loan consolidation - $45.69


Rita said...

well done, nice work on insurance quote

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Jamie Boyle said...

WOW! is right!

That's nuts how much they pay per click. But as the saying goes if there not making any money, they wouldn't be spending it.

Thats crazy!

Hunter said...

Got my vehicle insured through 21st Century & availed the best services.

winlotto said...

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